Hessenpunkte rot


Hessen-Biotech is the central information, communication and cooperation platform for life science based activities in Hessen. The principle role of Hessen-Biotech is to link industry expertise in order to strengthen the innovation potential and competitiveness of companies and to promote the biotechnology industry in Hessen.


- Offers up-to-date industry information: Publishing studies, information from industry experts and the quarterly publication “Hessen-Biotech NEWS” and Hessen’s online biotech industry directory “Competence Atlas Hessen-Biotech”,

- Connects and advises biotechnology companies: Facilitate information exchange between Hessen’s companies, colleges, universities and research institutions.

- Is a communication platform: Organizing cooperative booths at international trade fairs as well as symposiums, workshops and congresses on current biotechnology discussion topics.

Hessen-Biotech is administered and managed by the Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH in Wiesbaden.